Rules and Regulation

MyWAVE Membership Rules & Regulations

1) MyWAVE Membership Application must be done via MyWAVE Online Portal only, for that purpose and on submitting from the MyWAVE Online Platform is therefore in agreement of the following Rules & Regulations :

  • MyWAVE Membership is Open to Malaysian Citizen Residing in Malaysia only.
  • Min Age for Membership Application is 18 Years on the day of application made.
  • Each Member warrants the accuracy of the information provided.
  • Membership Fee shall be payable to MyWAVE Malaysia upon application for membership is done.
  • The duration of all memberships is for 12 consecutive months @ ONE Year.
  • Membership Renewal are advised to be renewed within one month of the expiry date to guarantee same full membership privileges without any interruption.
  • Membership is Strictly NOT transferable.
  • Member shall inform MyWAVE Admin via of any change of personal particulars, address or other relevant information.
  • No Politics or Political Related Info/Matters or Ads are allowed to be posted or discussed on MyWAVE Portal.
  • No Racial or Racial Related Info/Matters or Ads are allowed to be posted or discussed on MyWAVE Portal. This act is strongly Prohibited.
  • Strictly No Comments or Discussion regards to Country Rulers, Government, Politics or Racial matters are allowed in MyWAVE Portal or in any of MyWAVE Program or Events. This act is strongly Prohibited.
  • Member or Members who through actions contravening the Codes of Conduct set out in the MyWAVE Rules will be liable to have their membership terminated and possible forfeit of the annual subscription in whole.
  • All Members shall abide by the Rules and Regulations set out and stated by the Proprietor and Management of MyWAVE Malaysia. Any member failing to adhere to the MyWAVE Malaysia Rules & Regulation shall have their membership reviewed by the Proprietor and the Management of MyWAVE Malaysia and may have their membership terminated without delay or hesitation. All decisions are final.
  • No further dispute shall be entertained for any offence that are found to be breach of MyWAVE Rules & Regulation.