About Us

  • MyWAVE.com is a networking platform that transcends borders, dedicated to empowerment of socio-economic status of the Global Society @ Netizens.
  • MyWAVE.com started as a dream for a Malaysian Businessman and also a Social Activist to Integrate Netizens throughout the Globe in a Single Platform to Integrate Professionally and Exchange Opportunities/Businesses and Eventually produce Positive Impact to Respective Country’s Citizen Socio-Economic Growth.
  • After years of study, they concluded that without proper trainings, motivation and guide, many could not succeed or achieve their dream or even the prime objective in life. This was where MyWAVE.com was formed.
  • That dream has now sparked a movement to Unite Netizens Socio-Economically and Empower every Netizens with the Right Tool, Knowledge and Skill to conquer the whole new World of Globalization.

Our Vision and Mission


  • To produce wise & powerful socio-economic community through empowerment & transformational leadership


  • Strategic Integration:
    Netizens integration through powerful single platform supported by innovative development plans
  • Essential Education:
    Nurture and equip netizens with right tool, essential knowledge and perfect skill set for entrepreneurship and globalization
  • Maneuver & Support:
    Provide continuous tactical guidance and undivided support to ensure socio-economic success of community